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The Store

Since its conception in 1999, unit 10 has always been a butcher shop. Although it has had many owners, the goal has always remained the same. To serve the people of both Mt. Duffrin and the city of Kamloops with the highest quality proteins Western Canada has to offer. Below is a list of the past patriarchs, with whom we express our greatest appreciation for laying the foundation of what we now call our own.


Randy Smoji
2002 – 2006

Ron Keeley
2008 – 2012

Tom Murphy
2012 – 2014

Brody White
2014 – Present





Food, cooking and sharing meals have captivated Brody since a very early age.  His fondest memories are either at the dinner table or in the kitchen.  At the age of 14 he started his first dishwashing job and he has never looked back.  Now, 20 years later, however removed from the restaurant environment, and norm of cooking hot plated meals he'll tell you he's never felt more like a Chef than he does today.  


Formative Years

After grinding it out in local greasy spoons and watering holes, and falling in love with the heat and lure of the kitchen.  Brody enrolled in Culinary Arts Foundation training at Thompson Rivers University (formerly University Collage of the Cariboo). 

After Completion in 2004, he was offered a position with Chef Bernard Casavant in Whistler BC.  At Chef Bernard's Cafe he was introduced to ingredient focused food,  meaning food that is less telling the story of the chef and his talent but more intent on showcasing amazing produce and ingredients cultivated or foraged in the local terroir.  As a great mentor Chef Bernard saw an amazing opportunity for brody and encouraged him to move to the big city and apply to work with another BC pioneer, Scott Jaeger of the Peartree Restaurant in Burnaby.

Chef Jaeger was then preparing for the Bocuse D'or, a prestigious culinary competition in Lyon, France.  The goal was first to secure a place in his kitchen at the Peartree and then work to earn a place on his team for the main event.  Sure enough the goals were reached and 2006/7 was spent working at the Peartree during the week and practising for the competition on our days off.  This experience was extremely influential to Brody, showing him the endless opportunity for creativity there is with food and what is takes to push yourself and develop your profession.  Through this experience there came two separate trips to France which re-affirmed his ambitions to train in the culinary capitol of the world.

Later In 2007 he packed his bags and headed for the City of lights.  Paris was the destination, and he ended up in the kitchen of Joel Robuchon.  M. Robuchon is one of the most decorated chefs in history, keeping company with Paul Bocuse, Alain Ducasse and the Troisgoss brothers.  Currently holding the most Michelin Stars in the world.  L'Atalier de Joel Robuchon was the job but the french experience was equally as influential.  The endless temporary markets, boutique choclatiers, boulangiers, fromagers and charcutiers to explore and to taste was what truly influenced him.  It wasn't until further in his journey when he realized that it was his destiny to become an artisanal food producer like those he experienced in France, but to this day he looks the these artisans for inspiration.  

In 2009 after his opportunities for working permits had expired, the restaurant was kind enough to recommend him to  a group opening a dining room in Beirut, Lebanon.  As any 24 year old would do at that point in his life he seized the opportunity and began his journey to the "Paris of the middle east".  Burgundy was established to celebrate the wines of that region and as you may be aware these wines are some of the most celebrated wines in the world.  Brody was tasked with pairing food with wines like Romanee Comte,  Richbourg and La Tache.  A seemly simple task but at upwards of 10k USD a bottle the pressure was on!  While the wine menu was comprised of rare imported gems, the menu was written by the terroir.  Using both farmed and foraged plants, meats and seafood from the Mediterranean and using ancient Lebanese dishes and flavours for inspiration  Brody's own cuisine began to take shape.

As often happens, a brief visit home to Kamloops and a re-ignited flame with his now wife Heather Nicklas lead to him re-establishing roots in the Thompson-Okanagan.  Following a brief tenure as restaurant chef at Manteo Resort and culinary instructor in the building he began his journey, a significant change was needed for his professional and creative growth.  Looking back to the artisans of France and the ingredient focused cuisine in which he was raised, becoming a producer was clearly the next step for him. 

Kamloops, and the Thompson Okanagan provide a perfect environment for Brody to focus on his Charcuterie and Salume.  The access to amazing Pork and Beef, fruit and vegetables along with the dry, sage infused air provide daily inspiration.  He now can be found in his kitchen at the Chop N Block triming, seasoning, grinding or stuffing or at many of the local farmers markets sharing his latest creations.